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Escaping the Prison


Escaping the Prison

Escaping the Prison is a super intense and fun-filled escape game! With multiple endings and multiple choices leading to them, you can escape in whatever style you want!


How to Play Escaping The Prison?

Escaping The Prison is a simplistic stick game. You start off with the guards teasing you about wanting to escape. The negligent guards then proceed to give you a package. Here’s the part where the actual game starts. You get to choose between six different items. Three of those lead to you not escaping. The three that do are:


  1. The File. It leads to a Sneaky Escape.
  2. The Cellphone. This leads to the Legal Escape.
  3. The Drill. This leads to a Badass Rambo Style Breakout.


There are plenty of sub-choices after you choose those three but there’s only one correct way to escape for each ending. You’re still going to have to keep your reflexes pretty sharp, especially if you’re planning on going for the Sneaky or the Badass route. Other than that, if you want to take some Legal Action, you’re going to really have to think hard about the evidence you’ll be presenting in court.


What are the controls for Escaping The Prison?

The controls are pretty easy. If you’re on desktop, Escaping The Prison can be played with just a mouse. You would need to drag your cursor and click on the different Icons that appear and have quick reflexes to make the right decisions.


The controls are similar on mobile devices, you need only to select the actions that appear on the screen and be ready to make some fast choices to get the ending you desire.



  • Escaping The Prison Is a linear game. You get to simply enjoy the game without worrying about losing sight of your goals.
  • Multiple choices! There are a total of three different endings available in which you successfully escape.
  • The escape mechanism! There is no easy way to Escape The Prison, you’re going to have to put in your all to figure a way out to solve this puzzle!

March 2023

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