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Game Stickman Tennis 3D preview
Game Stickman Tennis 3D preview

Stickman Tennis 3D

Stickman Tennis 3D

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Stickman Tennis 3D

Start the extensive Training, participate in a Quick Match, and even win a Tournament in the exciting arcade sports game — Stickman Tennis 3D! The graphics are by no means photo-realistic, but the gameplay is highly entertaining, and you’ll be eager to win as many games, sets, and matches!

You can use up to three basic tennis shots: volley, lob, and slice. Each is particularly useful in certain situations, and you must learn how to use them accordingly to get the most out of every point. Move quickly, anticipate the AI opponent’s plays, and counter them effectively to win countless trophies!

How to play Stickman Tennis 3D

In the Tournament setting the first player to win 3 games wins the set, and whoever takes two sets wins the match. In such a shortened format every point matters, so do your best to make the opponent work hard for it. Don’t rush to the net, run the baseline, and minimize unforced errors.

To better your chances of scoring aces while serving, move your stickman to the sidelines before hitting the ball. Once on the receiving side of the serve, a slice shot seems to be the best bet if you’re trying to score winners off returns.

What are the controls for Stickman Tennis 3D?

Unfortunately, Stickman Tennis 3D is currently exclusively available in a PC browser. Use the WASD or arrow keys to move, the C key for volley, the X key for slice, and the Z key for lob shot. If you’re an avid mobile gamer do not despair but make sure to check out some of the amazing mobile-optimized sports games on our website!


  • An exciting 3D stickman sports arcade
  • Training, Quick Match, and Tournament game modes
  • Catchy gameplay against formidable AI opponents

Release date

March 2024


Yuriy Nikshych


All devices

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