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Basketball Legends 2020

Basketball Legends 2020 is a browser-based basketball game that can be played online for free. The game features popular basketball players and allows players to participate in one-on-one matches or two-on-two matches with a friend or the computer.

How to play Basketball Legends 2020?

  1. Choose your game mode: Basketball Legends 2020 offers several game modes, including one-on-one matches, two-on-two matches with a friend, or two-on-two matches against the computer. Choose the game mode that you prefer.
  2. Choose your player: There are several famous basketball players to choose from, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Use the arrow keys to navigate through the player selection screen and choose the player you want to use.
  3. Learn the controls: The game's controls are easy to learn. Use the arrow keys to move your player around the court, press the Z key to pass the ball, and the X key to shoot. The spacebar can be used to perform special moves.
  4. Start the game: Once you've chosen your game mode and player, the game will start. The objective is to outscore your opponent by shooting more baskets than they do.
  5. Perform special moves: As you play the game, you'll earn points that can be used to unlock and upgrade special moves. Press the spacebar to perform a special move and outmaneuver your opponent.
  6. Win the game: The game is won by scoring more points than your opponent. Keep shooting baskets and performing special moves to score more points and win the game.

Basketball Legends 2020 is a fun and addictive game that is easy to learn and offers hours of entertainment.

What are the controls for Basketball Legends 2020?

  • Move = Player 1 use "A", "D" Player 2 use left and right arrow keys
  • Shoot/steal = Player 1 use "B", Player 2 use "L"
  • Pump = Player 1 use "S" and Player 2 use down arrow
  • Dash = Player 1 use "A", "D" twice and Player 2 use left/right arrow twice
  • Super shot = Player 1 use "Z", Player 2 use "K"


  • Play against a friend or the computer
  • Features famous basketball players, each with unique strengths and weaknesses
  • Easy-to-learn controls
  • Fast-paced and high-flying basketball action
  • Special moves and tricks to outmaneuver opponents
  • Colorful and lively graphics and sound effects

Release date

August 2020




All devices

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