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Sprinter is a fast-paced arcade game! Race against your opponents and beat them to the 100-meter mark to progress onwards!


How to Play Sprinter?

Sprinter is a very easy game to play. Like every race, you’re need to ensure that you’re faster than the rest of your opponents and cross the finish line before them. The first few levels are relatively easy but they start become increasingly difficult as you keep winning races. You’re going to have to be doing a lot of button-mashing to win every race.


In Sprinter, make sure you’re focusing on your movements, in case you mix up your movements you’ll fall face-first in the race. This will cause you to lose a lot of time and ultimately lose the entire race. Once you lose a race, you’re sent back to the main menu and have to start over all again.


What are the controls for Sprinter

Sprinter is only available on desktops. The controls on desktop are really simplistic, use the left and right arrow keys to be able to run. Make sure you’re using them at the same time, think of the left arrow key as your left leg and the right arrow key as your right leg. You’re going to have to be very synchronized if you’re planning on beating the game.



  • Linear arcade game. Sprinter is a simplistic linear game where the player competes against opponents to cross the finish line first!
  • Progression System! In Sprinter, after the first few races, the races become increasingly difficult to win. In the later races, even a fraction of a second holds the difference between victory and defeat.
  • Fast-paced sports game. Sprinter is a fast-paced sports game, you need to be quick with your reflexes in order to make sure you’re winning every race else you’re going to have to start over.

Release date

March 2023





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