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Dino Game


Dino Game

The Chrome Dinosaur game, also known as the "No Internet" or "T-Rex" game, is a simple 2D side-scrolling platformer game that can be played in the Google Chrome web browser when the user is offline or disconnected from the internet.

How to play Dino Game?

The game features a small T-Rex dinosaur who must run and jump over obstacles such as cacti and flying pterodactyls in order to survive for as long as possible.

The game starts off relatively easy, but gradually becomes more challenging as the player progresses and the speed of the game increases. The player's score is based on how far they can run without hitting any obstacles, and the game keeps track of the high score for the current session.

What are the controls for Dino Game?

Controls are simple:

  • On desktops, press Spacebar to jump
  • On mobile devices, tap the screen to jump


  • Simple 2D graphics: The game features simple but charming graphics that evoke the feeling of classic video games from the 8-bit era.
  • One-button gameplay: The player can control the dinosaur with just one button, the spacebar (or tapping on the screen for you mobile gamers!), which makes the game easy to learn but difficult to master.
  • Increasing difficulty: As the player progresses, the game gets faster and more challenging, with more obstacles to avoid and less time to react.
  • Easter eggs: The game includes hidden Easter eggs, can you find any?

January 2014

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