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Among Us: Online Edition

Become the ultimate imposter and sabotage your crewmates in their futile attempts to fix the spaceship and prepare for lift-off in Among Us: Online Edition. This task isn’t easy since all the NPCs diligently work on the repairs, and you’re always the prime suspect. Therefore, you must act like a true master of deception to avoid getting busted.

Move stealthily, pretend you know what you’re doing, and when nobody’s watching seize the opportunity and murder your crewmates! At least in this incredible Among Us-inspired game, you don’t have to worry about figuring out who’s the imposter — it’s you!

How to play Among Us: Online Edition

Before attempting the spaceship sabotage, you get to choose the name and color for your character but also customize a couple of gameplay features. It’s very important to learn the layout of the craft so you can plan your escape routes after eliminating the crewmates.

Once the dead body is spotted, the hunt for the perpetrator begins, so you must leave the crime scene as quickly as possible. Look for the nearby vent hatches to hide in after killing a crew member, or get to the other side of the spaceship in the blink of an eye. You must plan the assassinations slyly, execute them decisively, and hide quickly to avoid getting captured.

What are the controls for Among Us: Online Edition?

You can play Among Us: Online Edition on PC and mobile devices alike. Use WASD keys or the joystick button to move your character, and click or tap on the buttons to perform actions.


  • An amazing Among Us-inspired game
  • This time around, you’re the one and only imposter
  • Stealthy assassination is the key to victory

Release date

December 2020




All devices

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