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Piano Tiles 3

Piano Tiles 3 is a very challenging and highly addictive music game that will put your reflexes and hand-eye coordination to the ultimate test. The gameplay is unforgiving, and the game is over if you make a single mistake. The black keys are falling from the top of your screen in four separate columns, and you must timely click each and every one of them. Keeping up with the game pace quickly becomes impossible, but trying to improve your best score is an amazing fine motor skills exercise.

How to play Piano Tiles 3

If you click and miss a black key — you lose — so you must be both fast and accurate. The game begins slowly, and there are 3 different melodies you’ll play, and promptly learn by heart. Take as much time to make sure you won’t miss a note, and then start improving your reaction times.

It’s always a good idea to perform a given task sooner rather than later, so try to press the keys as soon as they appear in the upper corner of your screen. To keep playing for as long as possible, you must always remain 100% focused and act quickly.

While this unbeatable game can be frustrating at times, it’s necessary to remain persistent. Your accuracy and reaction times will gradually improve, and these are the essential skills of any avid gamer. 

What are the controls for Piano Tiles 3?

You can play Piano Tiles 3 on both mobile and PC, but the game is slightly easier on touchscreen devices simply because you can use both hands to press the keys. Tap or click the black piano keys to play the tune. 


  • Challenging and addictive music game
  • Fine motor skills exercise
  • Keen hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes are necessary

Release date

August 2020




All devices

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