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Game Ballistic preview
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9.4(68 votes)


Ballistic is a game that offers a modern twist to the classic ball-shooter genre. With an innovative scoring system and a visually appealing, vibrant design, it captivates gamers' attention in no time! The shooter challenges players to think strategically about each move, rewarding precision and planning.

Ballistic is designed to be accessible and enjoyable for players of all ages. You can collect extra balls to enhance your impact on the tiles. This introduces an extra layer of strategy as you decide which tiles to target first. This way, the game encourages players to keep playing and surpass their highest scores with each new attempt.

How to play Ballistic

The mechanics are straightforward but compelling: you simply tap and drag to aim, then release to shoot. The number displayed on each block indicates how many shots are still needed, and after each of them, the blocks descend one row closer to the bottom. Thus, precision and foresight are key to achieving high scores and avoiding losses.

What are the controls for Ballistic?

The controls are quite intuitive — just use a click or tap and drag motion to set the aim and power of your shot. 


  • A colorful twist on the classic ball-shooter game
  • Intuitive tap and drag mechanics
  • Endless play style

Release date

August 2021




All devices

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