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Stickman Hook

Stickman Hook is an addictive casual game. Use your momentum to swing your stickman across the line to achieve victory!

How to play Stickman Hook?

Stickman Hook is a fun game to play! Swing from your hook and ensure that you’re maintaining your momentum to win! There are 50 unique levels for you to play in Stickman Hook and they get progressively harder to beat as you move on forward. A tip to help you win quickly is to remember not all hooks are there to be used. Some hooks are simply there as a distraction to slow you down, avoid these to cross the finish line.


At times your stickman might not be visible on the screen, do not worry. As long as you’re connected to a hook you’re still playing. Just focus on the angle and direction of your swing to keep on winning. If the distance between two hooks is too far, bounce on the given platforms to add some spring to your swing.

What are the controls for Stickman Hook?

On desktop, use your left mouse button to hook your stickman and swing. Then to let go of the hook, release the left mouse button.

On mobile, tap on the hook to swing from it and then let go to swing.


  • Simplistic design. Stickman Hook is a simple game with a simple design. Swing from hook to hook like a real-life superhero and cross the finish line to win!
  • 50 levels! There are 50 levels in Stickman Hook for you to play. Each level is uniquely built and the levels get progressively harder as you move on. You’ll have to focus and strategize on your game plan to keep winning.
  • Physics! There’s a lot of nifty physics involved with the game. Make sure you’re keeping this in mind when swinging. You’ll need to understand how to maintain your momentum and increase it to successfully cross the finish line.

Release date

June 2020




All devices

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