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Friday Night Funkin'

Packed with a funky soundtrack with plenty of awesome rhythmic, jazzy-ish songs to try and master, FNF will be sure to make your feet dance as you play throughout. The game requires you to battle with different characters in immersive free-style music contests. With grand beats and addictive gameplay, Friday Night Funkin' will ensure you will be bustin’ beats for hours on end.

How to play Friday Night Funkin’

Starting off in a cool retro-funk-themed atmosphere, the game introduces you to two modes:

  • Story mode
  • Free play

Both modes have a tutorial option so that you can get used to the controls and play style easily. Once you click on the tutorial, the game begins with a freestyle music battle versus an NPC, a computer controlled character, and asks you to beat it by correctly hitting the arrow keys with precise timing as the notes land on the correct spots.

Beating all the characters and progressing through is the end goal, as with each character, the difficulty level also increases. But if you think the levels are too hard, the game also provides players the privilege to lower the difficulty bar through the settings tab. Overall, the game is very unique and vibrant, consisting of a fun urban street vibe and an eccentric atmosphere. Sing and grind your way through the multiple levels, as many fast-paced keynotes will come at you. Addicting, pleasant-to-the-ear music will surely make you keep on playing as you progress throughout.

What are the controls for Friday Night Funkin’?

  • When playing on your desktop, press the arrow keys according to the position it arrives with precise timing


  • Week 7 and the latest updates included!
  • A fun career mode that has numerous distinctive characters
  • An awesome original soundtrack with various influences, including nu-jazz and Vocaloid dancing beats
  • Awesome retro-style graphics

Release date

November 2020





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