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Game We Become What We Behold preview
Game We Become What We Behold preview

We Become What We Behold

We Become What We Behold

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We Become What We Behold

Set in a stick figure-type atmosphere, We Become What We Behold draws you in with a short 5-minute story and unique UI. Figure out who the culprits are by spying the society with your camera lens. The game may show brief images of indecent acts, so an audience above the age of 13 is recommended to play. The game truly is one of a kind as its game style, controls, and environment have a huge touch of creativity and elegance.

How to play We Become What We Behold?

What hides within people? Hatred and anger? Figure out by capturing all the suspicious and malicious activities that are occurring in your area. Espionage has never been more thrilling, as many figures will keep their true self a secret until you exploit them.

Take pictures of fraudulent activities and catch the culprits to save innocent citizens as the final end goal. We Become What We Behold requires you to have patience as it takes time to catch the wrong-doers. Taking one picture will cause the culprit to get irritated and rush their acts, causing a violent climax. The game has multiple levels to progress and as you do, the chapters will get significantly more difficult. 

Note that the key to catching all the culprits is being patient and timing your shots with the camera lens!

What are the controls for We Become What We Behold?

  • When playing with your PC, simply drag the cursor (camera lens) to the required position of the map and click to take pictures
  • When playing on your mobile device, touch the screen and drag the camera lens with your finger and release it to capture the required image


  • Learn the ups and downs of society and media
  • Eye-catching artworks with modern soundtracks
  • Discover unique stories from various characters

Release date

March 2023


Nicky Case


All devices

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