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Game Flappy Bird preview
Game Flappy Bird preview

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird

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Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is a captivating yet simple arcade game that challenges players with its unforgiving difficulty. Initially launched as a mobile game, Flappy Bird became a cultural phenomenon for its addictive gameplay. Although it was removed from mobile app stores, the game has found new life in web browsers, allowing both new and seasoned players to experience its classic charm.

How to play Flappy Bird?

In Flappy Bird, you guide a bird through a series of green pipes without making contact. The bird constantly moves forward, and your task is to control its vertical movement. The gameplay revolves around timing and rhythm. Each click or tap causes the bird to flap its wings and rise slightly, and releasing causes it to descend. The goal is to navigate through the gaps in the pipes, earning a point for each successful pass.

What are the controls for Flappy Bird?

  • Spacebar/Left Mouse Button/Tap: Flap Up

The simplicity of the controls is deceptive, as the game requires precision and patience.


  • Endless side-scrolling action
  • One-button control mechanism
  • Increasingly challenging as you progress
  • Score-based gameplay
  • Minimalist pixel graphics
  • Ability to play on various browsers and devices
  • Offers different game modes, including an easy mode with larger gaps between pipes

Release date

May 2013


Dong Nguyen


All devices

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