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Game Eggy Car preview

Eggy Car

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9.8(40 votes)

Eggy Car

Confident on your balancing skills? Try your prowess by playing Eggy Car! A simple and intuitive game centered on a simple task at hand: Get as far as you can while balancing an Egg!

How to play Eggy Car?

You play as a car balancing an egg on top of you while you get as far as you can! You travel through cliffs and dives, a mix of steep and winded inclines and declines that threaten the safety of your quite-fragile passenger. Keep your patience up and control your speed as much as possible to prevent the egg from falling, and while it sounds easy enough, don’t underestimate it!

Surprising Edges – Perhaps the greatest challenge yet, right off the start you’ll find these edges to be the end of your run! These must be traversed carefully, and they sometimes aren’t even noticeable immediately. Always prepare to meet them as you meet an incline or a decline!

Velocity reigns here – A decline shouldn’t be an issue, right? Wrong! A simple bump or a misjudged speed heading into a decline shouldn’t be ignored! Else, you’ll find your egg being thrown forward or backward away from your basket up top!

Recorded Distance – Every run, the farthest you’ve gotten is recorded with a line and a trophy to mark how far you’ve gotten so far. Yearn and strive ahead to go even further beyond this!

What are the Controls for Eggy Car?

  • Use A/Right Arrow to Accelerate, or tap on the right pedal with your Left Mouse Button.
  • Use B/Left Arrow to Reverse, or tap on the left pedal with your Left Mouse Button.
  • For Mobile users, tap on the respective pedals to move.


  • Coins - Collect coins to get more cars, with differing ways to deal with the road!
  • Powerups – Different power-ups such as the Coin Magnet or the Freeze powerups will help you on the way!
  • Simple – No complexities here, a straightforward game with no hidden catch! 

Release date

February 2018




All devices

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