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FnF Character Test Playground

FnF Character Test Playground is a fan-created spinoff from the popular rhythm game series "Friday Night Funkin'." This testing playground allows players to explore and interact with various characters from the "Friday Night Funkin'" universe without the pressure of actual gameplay.

How to play FnF Character Test Playground?

The gameplay is relaxed and exploratory. Start by selecting a character from the Friday Night Funkin' universe. Once you've chosen a character, you can see them in their full animated glory. You can trigger different animations and sounds typically associated with that character in the main game. Experiment with different characters to see a variety of animations and hear various soundtracks. It's more about exploration and appreciation of the game's art and music than about scoring or competing.

What are the controls for FnF Character Test Playground?

  • Arrow Keys: Navigate through the character selection menu.
  • Enter: Select a character.
  • Number Keys (1, 2, 3, etc.): Trigger different animations and sounds for the selected character.


  • Exploration of Friday Night Funkin' characters
  • Interactive character animations
  • Associated soundtracks and sound effects

Release date

January 2024





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