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Dune! is an engaging and challenging physics-based game where you navigate a ball across sand dunes, mountains, and slopes. The gameplay is centered around landing the ball smoothly on the sand while achieving the highest score possible. With its endless track of desert sand and hill-high challenges, Dune! offers an exciting and mentally stimulating experience.

How to play Dune!?

Your main goal in Dune! is to jump the ball over sandy dunes and score as many points as possible by landing smoothly without crashing. You need to pay close attention to the height of the hills and landing slopes to avoid crashes. Collect coins along the way and strive for the highest score. The game requires a good understanding of physics and sharp skills to navigate the increasingly challenging terrain.

What are the controls for Dune!?

The game is controlled entirely by mouse.

  • Click and hold: Speed up the ball.
  • Release: Make the ball jump in the air.
  • Click again: Dive the ball down.


  • Physics-based gameplay requiring skill and strategy
  • Endless track with varying challenges and slopes
  • Objective to land smoothly for higher scores
  • Collection of coins for additional points
  • Engaging and mentally stimulating challenges requiring good reflexes

Release date

January 2024




All devices

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