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Game Capybara Clicker preview
Game Capybara Clicker preview

Capybara Clicker

Capybara Clicker

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Capybara Clicker

Capybara Clicker is a fun-filled idle-clicking game! Click on the capybara and upgrade it in the shop to gain the most points!

How to play Capybara Clicker?

Capybara Clicker is a simple online game to play. Be ready to smash your mouse into a bazillion pieces as you’ll be clicking 100s of times in the game. Even though it’s an idle game, you’ll have to click a lot to progress. Start by clicking over 200 times to buy the first upgrade which can generate passive points for you. You can get multiple of these upgrades and stack them over each other. You’ll have to keep clicking alongside the passive points you’re receiving to advance faster.

Capybara Clicker is a game that can be played by all. You don’t need to constantly be strategizing new ways of approaching the game, all you need to do is click enough times to get the upgrades that do all the clicking. Once that’s done, you can relax and let the capybaras you’ve enlisted get points for you.

Upgrades in Capybara Clicker

In Capybara Clicker, akin to other idle games, players have access to numerous click and building upgrades. These features provide constant improvements to gameplay, allowing users to enhance their capybara-related activities. Let’s take a look at the upgrade possibilities that await in this addictive and fun game.

Click upgrades

Click upgrades allow you to transform each action into a powerful tool for empire-building in Capybara Clicker. These upgrades are your key to exponentially growing your capybara population with every tap and click. Here’s a list of the click upgrades available:

  • Auto Click. Automates clicking, adding +1 capybara per second to your tally.
  • Mr Clicker. Boosts your clicking power, giving you +5 capybaras per click.
  • President Clicker. Elevates your clicking prowess, awarding +100 capybaras per click.
  • King Clicker. Magnifies your click efficiency, granting +1000 capybaras per click.
  • Emperor Clicker. Maximizes your click impact, bestowing +9000 capybaras per click.

Building upgrades

With building upgrades, where each structure multiplies your capybara production, you’ll lay the foundation of your capybara empire. Here’s a list of the upgrades you can benefit from: 

  • Capybara Farm. Increases capybara production by +6 capybaras per second, kickstarting your journey towards capybara domination.
  • Capybara Pump. Significantly boosts output with +200 capybaras per second, pumping up your capybara count rapidly.
  • Capybara Factory. A massive leap in production, delivering +5000 capybaras per second, turning your empire into a capybara powerhouse.
  • Capybara Pyramid. Takes your empire to new heights with +100,000 capybaras per second, symbolizing the peak of capybara advancement.

Top tips to maximize capybara count

In Capybara Clicker, strategizing your path to a capybara empire is key. Here are some top tips to help you skyrocket your capybara population and dominate the game.

Boost capybara count at the beginning

When you start your game, focus on increasing your capybara count. This means actively clicking on the giant capybara to accumulate as many capybaras as possible. This initial surge is crucial for unlocking and purchasing your first set of upgrades, laying a strong foundation for your capybara empire.

Build more buildings in the game

Investing in building upgrades is vital for boosting your passive capybara generation. Buildings like the Capybara Farm, Pump, Factory, and Pyramid are critical in increasing your capybara production per second. Prioritize these investments to ensure a steady and exponentially growing capybara income.

Utilize booster buttons

Make use of the booster buttons provided in the game. These buttons can double the number of capybaras earned with each click or provide a significant number of capybaras for free. While their usage is limited, they are especially beneficial in the early stages of the game when you’re working towards your first few upgrades.

Don’t turn off the game

One of the unique aspects of Capybara Clicker is the ability to continue earning capybaras even when you’re not actively playing. After purchasing the Auto Click upgrade, your game will passively produce capybaras. Leaving the game running when you’re not playing can increase your capybara count without any active effort on your part.

What are the controls for Capybara Clicker?

The controls for Capybara Clicker are easy. On desktop, all you have to do is your left mouse button to click on the capybara. You’ll have to click on it several times at the start and then you can buy the upgrades by opening the shop on the right side of the screen.

On mobile, you’ll have to tap on the capybara to gain points. With enough points, you can tap on the shop to buy upgrades that earn you passive points.


●    Capybara! The game features an adorable large capybara on the screen. How can you not click on this angelic creature?

●    Idle game! Capybara Clicker is an idle game, meaning that you don’t have to be playing all the time to progress in it.

●    Simple and addictive gameplay! All you need to do in Capybara Clicker is to click on the screen for a while before buying upgrades and earning passive points!

Release date

January 2023




All devices

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