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Capybara Evolution: Clicker

Capybara Evolution: Clicker is a delightful and innovative clicker game where you enter the world of adorable capybaras. In this game, your mission is to accumulate wealth, invest in upgrades, and experience the evolution of capybaras, all while striving to become the ultimate Capybara God. It's a game that combines fun, strategy, and a bit of capybara madness!

How to play Capybara Evolution: Clicker?

The objective in Capybara Evolution: Clicker is to collect as many coins as possible by clicking on capybaras. As you gather coins, you can visit the store to purchase various upgrades, which will allow you to earn coins at an even faster rate. Keep an eye out for special capybaras, like the golden capybara, which can offer additional rewards. The ultimate goal is to reach 5 quintillion coins, elevating you to the status of a Capybara God. Be patient and persistent, and watch as your capybara empire grows!

What are the controls for Capybara Evolution: Clicker?

  • Left mouse button: Use this to interact with the in-game UI and click on capybaras for coins.
  • Mobile Touch Controls: Tap on the capybaras and in-game options.


  • Engaging clicker gameplay centered around capybaras
  • Upgrade system to enhance coin collection
  • Goal of becoming a capybara god by accumulating 5 quintillion coins
  • Special golden capybara for extra rewards
  • Playable across various platforms including web browsers and mobile devices
  • Did we mention capybaras yet?

Get ready to click your way to capybara greatness in Capybara Evolution: Clicker, where each click brings you closer to being a capybara deity!

Release date

January 2024





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