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Tube Clicker

Having a taste for idle games? You enjoy watching numbers go up? Aspiring to be a Youtuber someday? Look no further, Tube Clicker is here to provide that entertainment for you!

How to play Tube Clicker?

An idle game right off the start, Tube Clicker starts slow as you slowly gain views. Your goal is to grow your channel, rack more views, and gain subscribers as you slowly obtain upgrades necessary to help more of these come in. You’re given tools as you progress in, but you start off with simply clicking your video to manually obtain views for your video.

  • Upgrades that come in as you progress will help foster more VpS (Views per Second), which increases your rate of cashflow. In turn, their costs also grows as you upgrade and enhance them.

  • Not all upgrades are available right off the bat. You need a specific number of subscribers in order to unlock tools, but they’re crucial to obtain a scaling increase of viewers.

  • At times, you’re given the chance to upload a new video that gives you an immediate cash boost. Utilize this in your favor to rush upgrades, or scale further your existing upgrades as you grow!

What are the controls for Tube Clicker?

Use the Left Mouse Button to interact with the game.


  • Scaling Increase – While more upgrades will be available as you progress the game, don’t neglect your starting upgrades. Some of these are cheaper to scale up compared to the cost, and can help increase VpS while being cheaper!
  • Subscribers – These increases every 500 views on your video, which is directly needed to unlock more tools to gain views. Remember to make note of this as the scale of subscribers needed may increase quite rapidly.
  • Idle Game – These games are easily placed in the background, feel free to use this as either background music, or perhaps something to take the edge off during busy times! 

Release date

May 2017





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