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Game Cookie Clicker preview
Game Cookie Clicker preview

Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker

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Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is a classic idle game where you create an immense number of cookies. Starting with simple cookie clicks, you progress by purchasing upgrades and buildings like farms, factories, and portals to increase your cookie production. The game is renowned for its addictive nature, humorous undertones, and its blend of simplicity and complexity.

How to play Cookie Clicker?

In Cookie Clicker, your primary goal is to produce as many cookies as possible. You start by clicking on a large cookie, earning one cookie per click. As your cookie count grows, you can buy upgrades and buildings to automate cookie production. Over time, you'll unlock new features, achievements, and even mini-games. The game has no definitive end, but acquiring all achievements is often seen as a milestone.

What are the controls for Cookie Clicker?

  • Left Mouse Click: Click on the cookie to produce cookies manually
  • Mouse Movement: Navigate the cursor to select and purchase upgrades and buildings


  • Over 600 upgrades
  • More than 500 achievements
  • Pet your dragon mini-game
  • Unlockable heavenly perma-upgrades

Release date

January 2024


Sunnyverse Games


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