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GrindCraft is a Minecraft-inspired idle clicker game that revolves around crafting. Starting with basic resources like wood, you progress to craft a variety of tools and items. The game features a unique crafting ladder system, where you climb by creating increasingly complex items. As you advance, you can build structures like a blacksmith or a village, and even venture to other worlds, battling mobs and eventually slaying a dragon.

How to play GrindCraft?

GrindCraft starts with basic resource gathering. Here's a breakdown of the gameplay:

  • Harvest Resources: Initially, you'll use your fists to gather basic materials like wood.
  • Craft Tools and Items: Use the gathered resources to craft tools, which in turn enable you to collect more advanced materials.
  • Build and Expand: Once you have enough resources, you can build structures like a village or a blacksmith, and create villagers to automate your operations.
  • Adventure and Battle: As the game progresses, you'll unlock new materials and tools, face monsters, and embark on adventures to new regions.

What are the controls for GrindCraft?

GrindCraft is controlled with the Mouse or by tapping on the screen. It's used for all major interactions such as collecting resources, crafting items, and navigating through the game's interface.


  • Resource Harvesting: Start from simple beginnings and progress to harvest a wide range of materials.
  • Crafting System: Craft a variety of items, with each level bringing new crafting challenges.
  • Building and Automation: Build structures and create villagers to automate your resource collection.
  • Adventure Elements: Explore new worlds, discover new materials, and engage in battles.
  • Idle Gameplay: Enjoy the progression even when you're not actively playing.

GrindCraft offers a unique and engaging take on the idle clicker genre, combining elements of crafting and adventure with the familiar aesthetics of Minecraft. Whether you're a fan of idle games or Minecraft, GrindCraft provides an addictive experience that lets you build and expand your own crafting empire. Grindcraft is developed by Playsaurus - an idle game development studio.

Release date

July 2018




All devices

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