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Game Puppet Master preview
Game Puppet Master preview

Puppet Master

Puppet Master

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Puppet Master

Unleash all the built-up frustration and furious anger on a linen voodoo doll in Puppet Master! If you’re looking for a quick and socially acceptable way to click the worries away, seek no further! This target practice clicker features up to 6 weapons to try out, and they’re far from some ordinary guns.

To make you feel better for tormenting the dummy for so long, each landed shot grants you coins you can use to unlock even more powerful weapons. Your arsenal is pretty wild, and the shooting animations are excellent, so each new purchase feels very rewarding.

How to play Puppet Master

This game is envisioned as a stress relief clicker, so there isn’t anything in it you can do wrong. In the beginning, you can only toss knives at the dummy, but soon enough, you’ll earn enough coins to purchase your first semi-automatic gun. The weapon tiers 2 through 6 can be set on Auto Fire mode, and only the 3 of them can auto-shoot simultaneously.

Video games are often a form of escapism and this is why gaming captivates such a diverse spectrum of the global population. This isn’t at all a bad thing, especially if you take all things in moderation — as anyone should. 

Everyone has their unique way of dealing with negative emotions, and there’s a great game for any mood. If you’re angry and channeling the aggression on a video game NPC makes you feel better afterward — go for it!

What are the controls for Puppet Master?

You can become the Puppet Master on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap to switch weapons and unleash your wrath on the Voodoo doll.


  • Voodoo doll target dummy
  • Flamethrower, laser gun, a TANK?!
  • Stress relief clicker

Release date

August 2021


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