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Funny Shooter 2


Funny Shooter 2

Experience the fun and excitement of Funny Shooter 2, an FPS game where you face off against a multitude of absurd enemies in a strange and colorful world. With an impressive progression system, you can upgrade your weapons arsenal as you progress through unique levels, defeat challenging bosses, and earn achievements.

How to play Funny Shooter?

Fight against an array of bizarre enemies, including redmen, toiletmen, and giants, using a range of guns, grenades, and other explosive-loaded weapons that deal massive damage. Explore the weapons shop to purchase new weapons and customize attachments to build a unique loadout that fits your playstyle.

As you progress through the game, you'll encounter new enemies every few levels and face off against challenging bosses every ten levels. Earn gold rewards through achievements to fund your upgrades and unlock new weapons. And for those who want to speed up their progress, RPG and grenade launcher upgrades are available on the home screen. Get ready for a thrilling and entertaining gameplay experience with Funny Shooter 2.

What are the controls for Funny Shooter?

  • Mouse = look around
  • WASD = move around
  • W + Shift = run
  • Space = jump
  • Left Mouse Button = shoot
  • Right Mouse Button (Hold) = aim down sights
  • Mouse wheel = next / previous weapon
  • 1-7 = shift through weapons
  • R = reload
  • G = throw grenade
  • T = inspect the weapon
  • Q / E = lean left / lean right
  • Tab = pause / settings

On mobile devices, use the on-screen joystick and controls to move and shoot. Swipe the middle of the screen to adjust your aim.


  • Enjoy a seamless gameplay experience with impressive 3D visuals
  • Encounter a diverse range of eccentric enemies to shoot and demolish
  • Visit the shop to purchase weapons and customize them to your liking
  • Earn gold rewards by reaching achievement milestones

January 2023


Cross platform