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9.6(280 votes)


SUPERHOT is a unique first-person shooter game renowned for its innovative gameplay mechanic where time moves only when you move. This game tests your strategy and shooting skills in a minimalist environment where you battle against red crystalline enemies.

This version is the first prototype that the original developers released before they went all-in on developing the full version of the game, which you can buy from their website here.

How to play SUPERHOT?

In SUPERHOT, the flow of time is controlled by your movements. Time only progresses and bullets only fly when you move, making each level a strategic bullet-dodging puzzle. Your objective is to navigate through levels, avoiding bullets and killing enemies by making calculated moves. Use the environment to your advantage, plan your moves carefully, and make every bullet count as you only have limited ammunition.

What are the controls for SUPERHOT?

  • Move: WASD
  • Shoot / Attack: Left Mouse Button
  • Pick up weapons: Right Mouse Button (when close)


  • Matrix-style gameplay, time moves only when you do
  • Very cool, minimalist 3D graphics
  • Intense puzzle-like combat
  • Limited ammunition, requiring strategic weapon management
  • Five challenging levels with a final boss fight

Release date

September 2013





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