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Together with game characters, you will get into a fictional world of the future, where the robots rule. The game will appeal to people who like dynamic plots, especially the type of shooters where the main task is the destruction of enemies. The character you control is half human, half fighting machine. This feature helps it to be virtually indestructible. In addition, it is armed to the teeth and always ready for battle. You must prove yourself a wise strategist, thinking up the best use of the soldier's skills, and quickly react in battle. Can you be victorious in every battle? You won't know until you try!

How to play

Initially, you need to choose the game mode. It can be single combat, which will last until the death of one of the participants, or a team combat option. In the second option, the winner is the group of players that earns the most points after the battle. Nine different locations will be presented to you. Carefully study the terrain because you can find weapons in the most unexpected places. For example, a gun, a rifle, or a grenade. And that's not the whole list. Also, don't forget that every single weapon can bring different levels of destruction. Use these items wisely. Learn the tactics of close-up and long-range combat. 

A little tip: always improve your character. Train their endurance and combat skills. And don't forget to watch your character's health. And the last thing: in you will be able to change your character's appearance. Customize to your liking and win the game.

What are the controls for

  • WASD = move
  • Space bar = jump
  • Shift = run
  • Q = abilities
  • G = throw grenade
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 = switch weapons
  • Left mouse button = shoot
  • Right mouse button = aim down sights
  • M = open the menu


  • Available as an online browser version. 
  • Dynamic setting. 
  • Nine interesting locations to explore.
  • Large selection of weapons.

March 2023

Addicting Games, Inc

Cross platform