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Gunblood is a fantastic game that captivates you from the first minute with its dynamism. If you are a fan of shooters, where the main task is just to kill your enemies, then Gunblood is just for you. Now you don't need to wander around and look for your enemies. You will become a real hero of the wild west, a desperate gunslinger that wants only one thing — to defeat everyone. The game has extremely simple but clear graphics. In addition, your opponents will constantly be changing. Challenge the most interesting characters and try not to become their victim. There are also levels where you just have fun shooting bottles. Of course, everything is in the spirit and atmosphere of the Wild West. So you won't be bored. Try to become the most skillful desperado in the world with Gunblood!

How to play Gunblood

The first thing you have to do is choose the character you like the most out of all the available ones. Then the first opponent will be given to you. Defeating them will be easy, but remember, the more opponents you kill, the stronger your next ones will be. Also, everyone you challenge to a duel will try to shoot you or at least wound you. Keep a close eye on your health and use your reactions to get ahead of your opponent and shoot first. In addition to duels, you can simply have fun and shoot at birds or bottles. Become a Wild West hero with Gunblood!


  • Can be played online from your PC and smartphone.
  • Fascinating western in which you just shoot at stuff. 
  • Simple design with responsive gameplay.

March 2023


Cross platform