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Game Ninja Hands preview
Game Ninja Hands preview

Ninja Hands

Ninja Hands

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9.5(79 votes)

Ninja Hands

Ninja Hands is an extraordinary first-person spell-casting simulation game in which you’ll unleash all the magical powers you could have only dreamed of. Use the combination of three hand gestures in a row to conjure fireballs, spawn spiders, shoot bullets from your hands, stun your enemies, and so much more. 

Even with a total of 6 combinations at the very start, new hand signs are unlocked as you’re leveling up and suddenly there are plenty of new spells to learn. Spend the coins earned to upgrade your skills to the next tier and buy epic skins to channel real magic in style!

How to play Ninja Hands

Before casting a spell, you should make sure to aim precisely at the target. Don’t hesitate when you’re conjuring magic missiles, even if you aren’t sure which 3-sign combination to decide on. To get an idea of how spell casting works, here’s a list of the first 6 spells available:

  • Q-W-E – fireball
  • Q-E-W – freeze
  • W-Q-E – hand pistols
  • W-E-Q – spawn spiders
  • E-Q-W – turn the enemy into a duck
  • E-W-Q – mind blast

Start with learning a few of the combinations and then start expanding your spell book. While the visual effects are unique for all abilities, most of them will deal damage to your enemies, so anything you throw at them usually gets the job done.

What are the controls for Ninja Hands?

You can play Ninja Hands on PC and mobile devices alike. Click, tap, or use the keyboard hotkeys to make three hand gestures in a row and cast dozens of mind-blowing spells at your enemies. Click or tap, then hold and drag to look around and aim at your enemies. 


  • An incredible 3D spell-casting FPS simulation
  • Magic is invoked with 3 consecutive hand signs
  • Skill upgrades and hand skins to purchase

Release date

November 2022


YSO Corp


All devices

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