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Game Elite Ghost Sniper preview
Game Elite Ghost Sniper preview

Elite Ghost Sniper

Elite Ghost Sniper

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Elite Ghost Sniper

Breathe steadily and aim carefully to eliminate all the targets across dozens of levels in Elite Ghost Sniper! This first-person shooter features WW2-inspired battlefields, gorgeous 3D graphics, and plenty of levels to complete.

You might as well be a literal ghost in this game since the enemies don’t seem to see you, nor will they return fire. There’s no pressure, and you have all the time in the world to spot and shoot down all the bad guys.

This is often a much bigger issue than it seems because you must seek and destroy all 15 enemies in each level in a huge urban warfare environment.

How to play Elite Ghost Sniper

You’ll spot some easy targets at a glance, so they’ll serve as a simple target practice. After eliminating a couple of enemies, your options become much more limited, and most often you’ll have to use the scope to spot the remaining ones.

It’s a good idea to look around for a while and explore your entire field of view. Analyze the entire battlefield and locate all the buildings, rooftops, and windows. The enemies will stay at their designated spots but aren’t completely still. Sometimes even the slightest of movements may give away their position.

Your scope has a powerful zoom that you can adjust according to your specific needs. If you zoom in to the max, your aim becomes fairly unstable, so you’ll have a harder time compensating for the shot.

What are the controls for Elite Ghost Sniper?

You can play Elite Ghost Sniper exclusively in a PC browser.

  • Move mouse — aim
  • Left mouse button/Ctrl key — shoot
  • Right mouse button — use the scope
  • Mouse scroll up/down — zoom in/out


  • WW2-inspired first-person shooter
  • Unique urban warfare levels
  • Relaxing gameplay — enemy soldiers can’t see you

Release date

May 2023




All devices

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