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Time Shooter

Time Shooter

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Time Shooter

Time Shooter is an incredible FPS game in which your actions will affect the objective reality within your current time-space continuum. For as long as you’re standing still, the time goes by really slowly, and even the bullets take ages to reach their targets. Once you start moving, the slow-motion stops and the action unfolds in real-time.

The music is thrilling and immersive, the graphics are quite simple and enjoyable, and the gameplay is exciting and action-packed. You’ll feel like Keanu Reeves in Matrix as you’re dodging bullets coming at you in slow-motion. Take your time to think things through before making the next step because once you start moving, you’re no longer at an advantage.

How to play Time Shooter

The objective in each level is to eliminate all the red stickmen coming at you while avoiding the incoming bullets. You can take your time while you’re aiming, so make sure to shoot precisely and deliver killing blows with each shot.

You can’t shoot twice unless you start moving, so try to get behind a decent cover after firing the first round. Look at all the incoming projectiles and choose the optimal direction of your movement to evade every single one of them.

What are the controls for Time Shooter?

You can play Time Shooter on both PC and mobile devices. Use the WASD keys to move the left mouse button to shoot and the right mouse button to toss or catch guns if playing on PC. On mobile, use the joystick on the left of your screen to move and the buttons on the right of your touchscreen device to shoot and juggle the guns.


  • An extraordinary slow-motion first-person shooter
  • The gameplay unfolds in real time once you start moving
  • Dozens of uniquely designed levels to complete

Release date

December 2021




All devices

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