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Game Air Warfare preview
Game Air Warfare preview

Air Warfare

Air Warfare

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Air Warfare

Control the cutting-edge fighter jet and dominate the aerial battles against formidable AI pilots in Air Warfare. You’re a daring ace pilot facing a fleet of enemy aircraft, and this is the hardest of missions you’ve faced yet. This exquisite third-person 3D shooter features amazing graphics, three different battlefields, and extraordinary gameplay.

Flying a fighter jet isn’t easy, and despite the simplified and intuitive controls, it might take some time to get used to them. However, if you’re willing to put in the effort to master the fine art of combat piloting, there are plenty of ways to outmaneuver and outplay your rivals.

How to play Air Warfare

Aside from hunting down enemy fighters, you must outmaneuver the AI opponents to avoid getting blown to pieces. The damage to your aircraft isn’t permanent, so if you manage to evade the incoming missiles for a while the jet will repair automatically mid-flight.

Rolling the aircraft and abruptly changing the pitch is especially efficient when dodging incoming attacks. Make sure to fire your shots as soon as the target is locked in because capitalizing on every opportunity is crucial when fighting an uphill battle.

What are the controls for Air Warfare?

Considering the complexity of controls, we don’t expect Air Warfare to be mobile-optimized anytime soon. You can currently play it for free exclusively in a PC browser, and piloting is controlled using a keyboard. The controls are as follows:

  • W — accelerate
  • S — decelerate
  • A — roll left
  • D — roll right
  • I/arrow up — pitch down
  • K/arrow down — pitch up
  • J/arrow left — yaw left
  • L/arrow right — yaw right
  • Q — switch missile type
  • E — switch target
  • Left Shift — open fire
  • Space — launch missile
  • R — switch mini-map
  • V — change view


  • An extraordinary 3D fighter jet simulation
  • Immersive graphics and captivating gameplay
  • A formidable fleet of AI enemies across 3 areal battlefields

Release date

October 2019





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