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Slope Racing 3D

Slope Racing 3D is an adrenaline-pumping endless game that challenges players to navigate a treacherous slope filled with obstacles and twists at breakneck speeds.

How to play Slope Racing 3D?

Slope Racing 3D is designed with casual gamers in mind. Your objective is to travel as far as you can without colliding with the red boxes along the way. To make it past each level, you must master the art of jumping at just the right moment and controlling your ball's speed. Take advantage of the easier levels at first to get comfortable with how everything works. Once you’ve understood how the mechanics of the game work you’ll be able to speed through all the obstacles in your path!

As you’re playing the game, you’ll come across coins - don't forget to collect these! You can use these coins to buy various balls from the shop. Although they don't give you any extra advantages in the game, they will surely make your gameplay experience more visually appealing.

What are the controls for Slope Racing 3D?

On desktop:

  • Use the WASD or Arrow keys as your directional controls.

On mobile:

  • Touch the screen to guide your ball down the slope.


  • Casual game. Slope Racing 3D is a game designed to be played casually. You don’t have to be strategizing to play constantly. Simply avoid the red boxes in your path and have a blast!
  • Customization! In Slope Racing 3D, you have the option to unlock new balls and equip them to help personalize your gaming experience! 
  • Power-ups. Utilize power-ups during your gameplay to elevate your performance and achieve the highest possible score!

Release date

October 2020




All devices

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