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Paper Flight 2


Paper Flight 2

Paper Flight 2 is a game for those children and adults who definitely love to watch paper airplanes fly! It's so touching and can remind of that wonderful moment when parents made their kid the first airplane, which flew after the wind and fell, losing its balance. And while everyone laughed and made more airplanes, joyfully launching them as far as possible.


This simple browser game was released in 2021 and is available in both web and smartphone browsers. The point of the game is also quite simple. You create planes and improve them with bonuses and stars, which you need to find and collect. The bonuses help improve the airplanes making them fly much further and faster. The game is fun for romantic adults and is also perfect for children. Have fun and enjoy!

How to play Paper Flight 2

When you enter the game, you must create your own plane based on the offered initial characteristics, then use the left mouse button to control the flight. It's easy initially, but you'll do even better as you play. You must also maintain the speed with the left mouse button by clicking on the speed icon, which is located on the plane.

In flight, the paper airplane collects bonuses and stars, accumulating in your piggy bank. It's important to keep your paper airplane flying as long as possible because then you'll collect more prizes! There are other paper elements in the game as windmills and cranes like Japanese origami.


  • An easy and positive game that helps us distract from everyday life 
  • Low weight game allows you to play at any Internet speed 
  • No age restrictions
  • Smooth animation and nice colors
  • The absence of advertising 

March 2023


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