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Granny: Chapter Two

Granny: Chapter 2 is an endless first-person shooter horror survival game in which you’ll rely on your steady aim and nerves of steel to stay alive for as long as possible. Countless granny and grandpa clones are coming at you in waves, and eventually, you’ll get overrun, but shooting down the ghostly apparitions is weirdly satisfying.

The music is top-tier and the sound effects are spooky but repetitive and may brainwash you after a couple of playthroughs. Fortunately, you can turn them off for the sake of your sanity once it becomes too much to handle. The nail-biting gameplay is the strongest suit of this thrilling horror shooter, but it definitely isn’t for the faint of heart!

How to play Granny: Chapter 2

You can’t move in this game, so you’ll have to stand your ground and shoot down spectral grandparents coming for you. It’s hard to hold a steady aim in a panic-inducing situation, but it’s essential to remain calm for as long as possible.

It’s a good thing you’re prepared for a long and grueling fight for survival and you have infinite ammo, but the magazine packs a finite amount of bullets. Don’t wait to fire all the rounds before reloading, but Charge your weapon whenever you have a moment to spare, which won’t happen very often.

Even when the spectral apparitions get very close, you must remain calculated and disciplined. After all, it’s much easier to shoot accurately at point-blank range.

What are the controls for Granny: Chapter 2?

You can play Granny: Chapter 2 on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap to shoot down grannies and granddads and Charge your weapon.


  • A thrilling 2D first-person horror shooter
  • Endless waves of ghostly apparitions
  • Nail-biting, fast-paced gameplay

Release date

September 2020




All devices

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