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Game Candy Clicker 2 preview
Game Candy Clicker 2 preview

Candy Clicker 2

Candy Clicker 2

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Candy Clicker 2

Candy Clicker 2 is an enticing incremental clicker game where your primary goal is to create candies simply by clicking. The game offers a casual gaming experience filled with sweet, candy-making fun.

How to play Candy Clicker 2?

Your journey in Candy Clicker 2 involves clicking to produce candies. As you continue clicking, you gather candies that you can reinvest in various upgrades. These upgrades improve your candy production, either by enhancing the power of your clicks or by increasing automatic candy production.

As you progress, you'll level up and unlock permanent buffs that boost your output, allowing you to generate candies more efficiently.

What are the controls for Candy Clicker 2?

Use the Left Mouse Button for all game actions.


  • Click to produce candies
  • Upgrade system for enhanced production
  • Permanent buffs for increased output
  • Achievements and goals for added engagement

Release date

July 2021




All devices

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