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Game Dinosaurs Merge Master preview
Game Dinosaurs Merge Master preview

Dinosaurs Merge Master

Dinosaurs Merge Master

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Dinosaurs Merge Master

Dinosaurs Merge Master is an engaging game that involves combining dinosaurs and warriors to assemble a formidable army. Test your strength on the battlefield after merging your characters!

How to play Dinosaurs Merge Master?

Combine characters to create more powerful entities with increased attack power and health. Keep merging to concentrate your strength into one mighty unit. The cost of acquiring new pieces rises with each purchase, making merging more challenging as time goes by.

Merging two new dinosaurs unlocks a stronger species, and the same applies to human warriors! View your current collection by clicking the cards icon.

As you unlock more ferocious and exotic dinosaurs with an insatiable craving for your enemies' bones, you'll soon be conquering uncharted territories. How far can you go?

What are the controls for Dinosaurs Merge Master?

  • On desktop devices, use your left mouse button to drag and merge the dinosaurs
  • On mobile devices, tap and drag on the screen


  • Assemble a prehistoric force
  • Merge characters for increased power
  • Unlock new dinosaurs and warriors
  • Travel and conquer far away lands!

Release date

October 2022




All devices

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