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Tap-Tap Shots


Tap-Tap Shots

Tap Tap Shots the basketball game that lets you score until you can't anymore! This endless basketball game lets you free throw completely unguarded as much as you want! The only problem is how many times can you score in a single try? I did 22.


How to play Tap Tap Shots

Score as many baskets as you can in the endless hoops of Tap Tap Shots. Once you make your 1st basket just keep track of the timer, the ball and the hoop then score as much as you can!


What are the controls for Tap Tap Shots?

Tap Tap and Tap again. It’s in the name Tap Tap Shots! All you have to do is tap the mouse on pc or the screen on your mobile and the basketball will receive a small impulse. But that's not enough! You have to tap again and again until you can score again and again!



  • Boundaries? Don’t worry! You miss the hoop and the ball goes oI-screen so what? The ball will reappear on the other side of the screen, so as long as you have time you can try to score again!
  • Time!? That’s right you can only touch the ball within the time! After that, you got to hope you got it right! But don’t worry if you did, the time will reset!
  • And you can even three-point! Just make sure the ball travels as much as possible between your last tap and the hoop and you’ll get more points!
  • Easy to learn controls but only pros can master them!
  • Super cool eIects when you score super cool points!

March 2023


Cross platform