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Basketball Stars


Basketball Stars

The gameplay can be divided into two steps: attack and defense. When you play attack, the main goal is to hit the ball into the basket behind the opponent's back. And it is preferable to do it in such a way as to gain the maximum points. For a perfect shot, when the ball goes into the net, you get three points. If the ball flies away from the backboard or hits the walls of the basket, you get 2 points. There are also bonus shots, which can give you from 4 to 6 points.

As for playing defense, you need to put a block in time, but also to figure out your opponent's actions. There are several deceptive tricks in the game. That said, of course, you can also use them when attacking your opponent's ring.


  • 5 locations to play
  • realistic 3D graphics
  • 2 multiplayer modes
  • over 40 various balls
  • the game is free

May 2019


Cross platform