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Game X Trench Run preview
Game X Trench Run preview

X Trench Run

X Trench Run

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9.7(40 votes)

X Trench Run

X Trench Run is an exciting spacecraft fighter piloting game featuring retro graphics, fast-paced endless gameplay, challenging boss fights, and arcade-styled sound effects. Besides performing skilled flying maneuvers to avoid crashing, you must also shoot accurately to destroy enemy turrets and fighter jets.

In the not-so-near future, humans conquered many exoplanets and intergalactic wars are an everyday thing. You’re on a kamikaze mission to defeat rival top guns hidden in the narrow trenches on the surface of the enemy planet. Crashing or getting blown up is inevitable, but don’t worry — there are countless clones ready to jump into the pilot’s seat, so you can try over and over again!

How to play X Trench Run

In the first couple of tries, do your best to avoid all the incoming obstacles and don’t focus too much on the shooting. Once you’re nearing an enemy turret, there’s a warning, and if you’re quick to spot its position, you can blow it up from a very long range.

When fighting bosses, it’s crucial to keep moving and learn their attack patterns as quickly as possible. Pay close attention to enemy craft animations, as this will help you spot the incoming missiles instantly, giving you enough time to move out of harm’s way.

What are the controls for X Trench Run?

You can play X Trench Run on both mobile and PC devices, but flying through the narrow trench to avoid obstacles and incoming missiles feels much smoother on mobile.

Use the joystick button on the left to control the spacecraft on mobile and the scope button on the right to shoot.

Use WASD or arrow keys to fly on PC. You can use the space bar or left/right mouse buttons to shoot.


  • Arcade-styled fighter jet space battles
  • Unforgivingly challenging endless gameplay
  • Retro graphics, hostile turrets, boss fights
  • Maneuvering space in a trench is very limited

Release date

August 2019




All devices

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