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Drunken Boxing 2

A sequel arrives to the ring, and our two flushed-out competitors is back in it again! Drunken Boxing 2 comes with a new 3D look, with a screen for live feed for those in the back!

How to play Drunken Boxing 2?

The drunken dance of the boxing ring still keeps to its roots! A simple game at heart, but it hides a coherent dance and not just mere punching! Your objective is to defeat your opponent by draining all of their health, marked with the large bar on the top of the screen. Below that is the energy bar, which is consumed as you throw punches in. You fight in 5 rounds, and if you both defeat one-another, you both get a star.

Energy Conservation – You’ll need to conserve your energy, and not just recklessly throw punches! If you drain your energy below 0, you’ll be left defenseless and unable to throw punches back until you’ve recovered!

Target those Punches – Also featured in the prequel, you get different amount of damage hitting different parts of the body. A hit on the head scores the best damage you can get, and can also leave them staggered.

Drive In or Drive Out! – Another important factor from number 1 is to know when to pick your fights! Clearly, if you’re ending up in a boxing ring, you already failed this, but pull out if your energy is low enough to get more hits in, or push in if your enemy threw too many punches!

What are the Controls to Drunken Boxing 2?

  • Player 1 uses Arrow keys to move
  • Player 2 uses WASD keys to move
  • Left/A to punch left, Right/D to punch right
  • Up/W to move forward, Down/S to retreat


  • 2P Ready! – You can play this game with two players, or go with the single player!
  • Unpredictable – Drinking a bit too much might’ve made you unable to properly evade hits, but it isn’t going to make me not get a good time!
  • Intuitive Hit System – As explained earlier, a good hit system means that knowing when to punch into the gut or the head can turn a match!

Release date

August 2021


RHM Interactive



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