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Game Zombs Royale preview
Game Zombs Royale preview

Zombs Royale

Zombs Royale

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Zombs Royale

Zombs Royale is an action-packed battle royale game! Open loot crates, use shield potions and be the last person standing to win!

How to play Zombs Royale?

Zombs Royale is an addicting game to play! With its explosive gameplay and fun mechanics, it’s the perfect fit for any battle royale enthusiast! You start off the game by jumping from an airplane onto the map. You can choose where to land by marking it on the map and gliding to it. Once you’ve arrived, start by looting the scattered crates. From the crates, you’ll receive randomized loot of different rarities. You can also search chests for weapons and potions. You’re more likely to receive higher rarity weapons from chests than crates.

The most important part of winning a game in Zombs Royale is the landing spot. Make sure to find a landing spot that isn’t too far from the center of the map and has plenty of chests! This is a crucial part of the game as if you’re in the corner of the map, the gas will come to you first and you’ll have to spend a lot of time running away from the storm. The mobility in Zombs Royale is limited so there isn’t anything you can use to move quickly.

Zombs Royale is also a multiplayer game. Play with teammates in a duo or squad match! You can also invite your friends to play together as well!

What are the controls for Zombs Royale?

On desktop, use the WASD keys as your directional controls. Use the left mouse button to shoot and the E key to interact with doors and open crates!

On mobile, use the joystick to move your character and press the buttons available on the right side of the screen to use your weapon, open doors and use potions!


  • Multiplayer! Unleash the power of teamwork in Zombs Royale and invite your friends to play together!
  • Personalization! In Zombs Royale, you can customize your character’s cosmetics! Equip a new parachute skin or change up your outfit to stand out from the rest!
  • Battle Royale! Zombs Royale provides a unique battle royale experience! Compete in a thrilling match against opponents to be the last player standing as the circle gets smaller and smaller! 

Release date

February 2018


End Game


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