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Game Penalty Shooters 3 preview

Penalty Shooters 3

Penalty Shooters 3

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Penalty Shooters 3

Penalty Shooters 3 is a dynamic 3D sports game focusing on the intense moments of scoring and blocking penalty shots in a soccer match.

How to Play Penalty Shooters 3?

In Penalty Shooters 3, players engage in the dual roles of a penalty shooter and a goalkeeper. The gameplay primarily involves scoring goals as the shooter and then switching to defend the goalpost as the goalkeeper. The game is designed to be intuitive and mainly requires timely mouse clicks for both shooting and defending actions. Players will unlock different powerups during the game which they can use to make things a little easier, for example building a quick brick wall to block shots.

The game's shooter aspect involves clicking and holding the mouse or screen to aim, then releasing to shoot the ball towards the goal. The intensity of the shot can be gauged by the flame icon behind the ball; a larger flame indicates a faster and stronger shot​​​​.

What are the controls for Penalty Shooters 3?

The controls are primarily mouse-based or on mobile devices, tapping the screen:


  • Observe the shot power indicator.
  • Press and hold the left mouse button (or press the screen) to start the shot.
  • Release the button at the right moment to kick the ball.


  • Wait for the opponent's shooting target to appear.
  • Tap on the target to dive with your goalkeeper​​.


  • 3D graphics and soccer simulation
  • Two gameplay modes: Tier Mode and World Cup
  • Ability to play as both the shooter and the goalkeeper
  • Customizable player jerseys
  • Adaptive AI opponents
  • Crazy amount of different teams to play against
  • Power-ups and achievements to enhance the gaming experience
  • Designed for intuitive, single-click gameplay controls

Release date

October 2023


Physical Form


All devices

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