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Penalty Kick Wiz

It’s time to prove your worth and lead your favorite national team to the World Cup title through the series of penalty shootouts in Penalty Kick Wiz! You’ll take turns playing as a striker and the goalkeeper alternately; the stakes are as high as they can get, and the pressure is on!

Every soccer fan knows that the penalty shootout is the most exciting way of ending a match, and in this game, you’ll start from the knockout phase of the tournament, so it’s always win or go home. Can you remain calm and collected in a do-or-die situation to bring the long-awaited title to your country?

How to play Penalty Kick Wiz

When it comes to penalties, everybody expects the strikers to execute them perfectly, but in reality, it’s not such an easy task, especially when the pressure is on. In the beginning, you want to focus entirely on not kicking the football off target, and only later start to experiment with accurately placing the shots just next to the left and right goalpost.

Playing as a goalkeeper is much more difficult, but nobody said becoming a national hero was supposed to be easy. You’ll have only a fraction of a second to react and try to keep the clean sheet, so it’s essential to pick up all the information presented to you instantly.  

What are the controls for Penalty Kick Wiz?

You can play Penalty Kick Wiz on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap to stop the moving target while shooting, and click or tap on the target at precisely the right moment to make a save while goalkeeping.


  • A thrilling World Cup penalty shootout simulation
  • Knockout phase of the tournament, win or go home
  • Play as penalty takers and the goalkeeper

Release date

March 2022


Physical Form


All devices

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