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Drunken Boxing

Is there even a need to explain any further? A fight of legends, and perhaps a bit of some cheap ale along the ride! Drunken Boxing needs no explanation as the only things that needed to be put forward is your fist!

How to play Drunken Boxing?

It may look easy, but there’s a ‘dance’ to the game while the premise is straightforward. Your objective is defeat your opponent, with their health indicated with the red bar on their side. Below it is the bar that indicates your energy, which is spent while you’re throwing a punch. Keep in mind that both of you are drunk, therefore, there is the aspect of not being able to stand straight!

1.   Energy Conservation – Energy is spent by throwing punches in, but don’t let it fall to 0! If you end up using all your energy, you’re left defenseless and unable to throw a punch at all, which can spell your defeat!

2.   Strike those Parts! – Different parts of the body do varied damage. A blow to the head does the most damage, while striking parts of the body does less. But remember, movement here isn’t exactly something you can control, so if you have a clear hit over their body, go for it!

3.   Push or Pull – Spent quite a lot of your energy over several hits on your enemy, and needed to recover? Pull back and go to your side of the ring! Don’t overcommit if you don’t have to!

What are the controls for Drunken Boxing?

  • Player 1 uses the Arrow Keys, while Player 2 uses WASD Keys.
  • Use the Left/A key to punch left, Right/D key to punch right.
  • Use the Up/W key to jump forward, and Down/S key to go back.
  • For Mobile Users, use the left or right sides of the screen.


  • 2P Ready – You can play the game with two players!
  • Unpredictable – With the way your character wobble around, you’re guaranteed to have the joy of getting unpredictable things happen!
  • No unlocks – No coins or unlocks needed, only the skill matters in this game!

Release date

January 2021


RHM Interactive


All devices

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