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Game Top Speed Racing 3D preview

Top Speed Racing 3D

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Top Speed Racing 3D

Top Speed 3D is an extreme racing game. Drive recklessly to complete game modes and upgrade your car!

How to play Top Speed 3D?

In Top Speed 3D, the player drives races around the city to find minigames to participate in. The different minigames that can be found are:

  1. Time Trial. You’ll be racing against the clock in this game mode. Make sure you go through all the checkpoints and reach the finish line before the time runs out.
  2. Parkour. It’s an extreme game mode where you race on containers jumping 50ft into the air and maneuvering through close quarters. If you’re struggling with this game mode, try upgrading your car to make it better in off-road conditions.
  3. Drift. Drift your way through checkpoints, you’ll need to reach a designated amount of points before you reach the finish line in order to finish.

Another fun aspect of the game is reaching your top speed in front of speed cameras. This challenge shall net you a lot of money that you can use to upgrade your vehicle. To upgrade, click on the upgrade button in the main menu. Once you’re there, you can choose the components of the car you wish to upgrade.

Only upgrade the strong suits of your car. For example, if your car is better suited for speeding, upgrade its engine or tires/suspension for off-roading. This is to maximize efficiency as you’ll need to buy other cars as the game does get progressively harder in the later levels.

What are the controls for Top Speed 3D?

Top Speed 3D is only available on desktop. The controls are pretty simple, you have your directional controls as the WASD keys. Use W to accelerate, S to reverse and A and D to turn toward the left or right. Once you’ve unlocked turbos for your car, you can press the left shift to boost your car!


  • Immersive gameplay! The gameplay in Top Speed 3D is very immersive, the player has the ability to roam around the city and choose to participate in whichever game mode he wants to!
  • Upgrade system and personalization! You can upgrade and personalize your vehicle in Top Speed 3D. Go to the main menu and click on them at the bottom of the screen to check out all the available options!
  • Progression system. The game does get progressively harder as you clear the starting levels of each game mode. This ensures that the player always has a challenge awaiting them!

Release date

June 2021


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