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Game Drift Boss preview

Drift Boss

Drift Boss

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9.2(123 votes)

Drift Boss

Drift Boss is a smash hit drifting game where you navigate a car along an endless, curvy road. The challenge is to keep your car on the track while performing slick drifts around sharp corners. Simple yet extremely addicting, the game tests your timing and precision as you strive to go as far as possible without falling off the edge. Do you have what it takes to be the Drift Boss?

How to play Drift Boss?

In Drift Boss, your main objective is to drive as far as possible on a winding road filled with tight turns. The car drifts automatically, and you need to manage the timing of your drifts to stay on the track. Start the game by pressing the play button, and your car will begin moving forward automatically.

To make your car drift, simply tap and hold on the screen. Release to straighten the car. The key is to initiate the drift just before you reach the corner and hold it for the correct amount of time to navigate the turn successfully. If you release too soon or too late, your car will fall off the track, ending your run.

Points are scored based on the distance you cover, and you can collect coins along the way to unlock new cars with different handling characteristics. The game features a progressive difficulty curve, with turns becoming tighter and more frequent the further you go. Good luck!

What are the controls for Drift Boss?

  • Click and hold the left mouse button OR spacebar (on PC) or tap and hold the screen (on mobile devices) to make the car drift
  • Release the mouse button or lift your finger to straighten the car


  • Endless, procedurally generated track
  • Simple one-touch control scheme
  • Various cars to unlock with unique handling
  • Increasing difficulty with tighter and more frequent turns
  • Collectible coins for unlocking new vehicles

Release date

November 2019




All devices

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