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Head Soccer 2022


Head Soccer 2022

Head Soccer 2022 is a hilarious and highly addictive 2D one-on-one arcade football game. This game is true to its name! Neatly portrayed heads of famous international soccer stars are planted right atop a soccer shoe. There are 45 (single-player) or 60 (multiplayer) thrilling seconds to play in each game mode, and you’d be amazed at how many goals you can concede or score in such a short period. You can play hot-seat against a friend or take on increasingly more challenging single-player arcade mode.

How to play Head Soccer 2022?

The objective of any soccer game is to score more goals than your opponent. When playing Head Soccer 2022, keep in mind that the match is short, therefore conceding the least goals possible is equally, if not even more, important. You want to avoid finding yourself in positions in which you’re unable to deflect the incoming shots. Dashing into a rival’s half-field, if not capitalized, will often lead to you being lobbed and unable to get behind the ball before it bounces back into your net. Assess the position on the field and use either lob or low volley shots accordingly. Timing your shots properly will make a huge impact on the power and precision of your strikes.

What are the controls for Head Soccer 2022?

Head Soccer 2022 is currently a PC browser exclusive, and you’ll need a keyboard to play it. As mentioned previously, there are single-player arcade and hot-seat modes available.

In arcade mode, use arrow keys to move your character, the “Z” key for a low volley, and the “X” key for a lob shot.

In multiplayer mode, one player uses WASD keys for movement, “N” and “M” to shoot, while the second player controls the character using arrow keys and “1” and “2” num pad keys, respectively.


  • Single-player arcade or the hot-seat mode for two players
  • Fast-paced and highly entertaining gameplay
  • Characters of different nationalities

March 2023


Cross platform