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Bouncy Dunk

In Bouncy Dunk, you’re not actually dunking — you’re shooting and you’re swishing — and the nets are burning. Enjoy this exquisite 2D basketball jump-shooting simulation every true hooper wished knew existed. The gameplay is fast-paced and purely skill-based, so the only one you can blame for missing the shots is yourself.

If you’re proficient and diligent enough, you’ll learn how to hit nothing but net on each shot, and is there a better sound in the universe than a swish? Complete dozens of challenges to unlock unique basketball skins and test your shooting prowess.

How to play Bouncy Dunk

Before scoring a first bucket, the timer won’t start running, so take your time to explore the control inputs and inspect the surroundings. Each time you score at one end, a fast break begins, and the hoop spawns at the other side at differing heights.

The gameplay may seem fast-paced, but if you study the game mechanics well, you’ll be able to master it. Don’t ever wait for a ball to fall to the ground, but spam-click and make split-second adjustments. The basketball doesn’t even have to pass through the hoop entirely for you to already start running a coast-to-coast fast break.

Everyone who plays ball knows that the easiest way to get a bucket is off the backboard, so don’t hesitate to go for it in this game, too. Bank shots are an especially efficient scoring method if the basketball has a descending trajectory before contact with the backboard.

What are the controls for Bouncy Dunk?

You can play Bouncy Dunk on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap to shoot the basketball.


  • Amazing 2D basketball shooting simulation
  • Midair shot adjustments
  • Timing is everything
  • Up to 24 tryhard challenges to complete

Release date

April 2023




All devices

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