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Penalty Shooters 2


Penalty Shooters 2

Penalty Shooters 2 is a simple browser-based game in the "sports games" category based on HTML5. Developer Vladeta Marinkovic released the game in 2016 and made an update at the end of summer, 2018. As is typical for browser-based games, it is only possible to play Penalty Shooters 2 in a browser. 

This is a single-player game, so here you play soccer both as a player and as a goalkeeper. The interface is simple, with a minimum of options, so even the smallest player can master all the subtleties. In fact, the game was created just for children. 

Penalty Shooters 2 simulates a real-world football championship, where everything can be decided by your penalty kick! The game has 360 teams and 12 leagues. In every league, you will play the first step – the group stage, then move on to the knockout stage. You can play as a true champion for any chosen country and win even world champions!

How to play Penalty Shooters 2

In Penalty Shooters 2, you can feel like a great striker, scoring the coolest penalties and being the best goalkeeper at the same time! How does it work? Before taking a devastating shot you have to focus. Click anywhere on the screen to determine the target. Once the location of the shot is set, release the button and hit it! The goalkeeper has to try to deflect it. 

As a goalkeeper, you'll see a warning a moment before the shot is taken — make sure to defend the goal. Hit the spot where the shot is marked!


  • No age restrictions
  • No additional plugins required
  • Easy interface and control

March 2023


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