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Game Tomb Of The Mask preview
Game Tomb Of The Mask preview

Tomb Of The Mask

Tomb Of The Mask

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Tomb Of The Mask

This is the free online version (often referred to as "Tomb Run" as well) of Tomb of the Mask where you embark on an adventure in a nearly infinite, procedurally generated vertical labyrinth, with a graphical style reminiscent of the old-school Pac Man games. Your journey involves navigating through this maze, collecting coins, and grabbing three stars in each level as swiftly as you can.

How to play Tomb of the Mask?

Your main goal is to guide your character through the maze, overcoming challenges that include deadly traps. The initial levels are relatively simple, helping you get accustomed to the gameplay. As you progress, the complexity increases, requiring quick reflexes and strategic planning.

There’s a Classic mode with numerous levels and an Arcade mode where you race against rising water in varying environments.

What are the controls for Tomb of the Mask?

WASD or Arrow Keys: Move your character around


  • Fast-paced vertical arcade/platformer gameplay
  • Infinite procedurally generated labyrinth
  • Collect coins and stars
  • Face deadly traps and challenges
  • Classic and Arcade modes
  • Different environments in Arcade mode
  • Power-ups and bonuses

Release date

February 2020





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