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Protect My Dog 3

In Protect My Dog 3, your mission is to safeguard an adorable dog from various dangers, primarily aggressive bee attacks. The game sets up intriguing scenarios where you use your creativity and strategic thinking to draw protective barriers around the dog. As you advance through the game, you'll encounter additional challenges like lava and sharp thorns, adding complexity to your protective strategies. The game spans across 100 levels, each bringing new puzzles and escalating difficulty.

How to play Protect My Dog 3?

Your main task is to draw effective barriers that shield the dog from incoming bees and other environmental hazards. The game requires a thoughtful approach, considering the laws of physics and the surrounding environment in your designs. You have a limited amount of ink, so your drawings must be efficient and clever, taking into account physics as well. As you progress, the game introduces new elements and challenges to test your puzzle-solving skills.

What are the controls for Protect My Dog 3?

  • Mouse: Use the mouse to navigate through the game's interface. To draw barriers, click and drag the mouse across the screen.
  • Mobile Devices: Tap and swipe on the screen to draw the barriers.


  • Engaging and colorful 2D graphics
  • Intuitive drawing controls
  • A variety of levels with increasing complexity
  • Incorporation of physics and environmental elements in puzzles
  • A mix of strategy, creativity, and quick thinking

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Release date

January 2024




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