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Game The Impossible Quiz preview
Game The Impossible Quiz preview

The Impossible Quiz

The Impossible Quiz

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The Impossible Quiz

The Impossible Quiz is true to its name! This game is so difficult it might even make your brain overheat! Think you have what it takes? Try it out now!

How to play The Impossible Quiz?

The Impossible Quiz is not an easy game to play. You’ll be shown a bunch of brain teasers which you’ll have to solve. These brain teasers can be of any type. Sometimes you’ll have to take a question literally like when it asks you to “Click on the answer”, here you’re supposed to actually click on the words ‘The Answer’. Or figuratively, when it asks you what the square root of an onion is. The answer here is shallots.

The best tip is to use all your available lives and select all the options possible. This might not be the optimal strategy when there are more than four options that you can choose from but it is a way to progress in the game. However, do not use the skips to get past any levels. To complete the game you’re going to need all 7 skips you receive from solving the brain teasers. If you don’t have all 7 skips when you’re at the final question, the game becomes actually impossible to beat.

What are the controls for The Impossible Quiz?

The controls for The Impossible Quiz are simple.

On desktop, use your mouse to explore all the options and the left mouse button to select the correct answer(s) for the brain teaser.

On mobile, you’ll have to tap on the correct answers to complete the level.


  • Exceedingly challenging! The Impossible Quiz is actually very hard to beat. If you’re looking for a challenge, the game is built for you!
  • Logic game! You’ll have to be incredibly focused and good at figuring out the logic of the questions to complete all 110 levels!
  • Unique levels! Each level is unique in its nature. You’ll find some brain teasers where you only have four options to choose from and some in which the answer is in the question itself!

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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